happy june

my new phone
'x' calls me to tell me he has found us an apartment in the east village. guess we're moving in. i question whether or not it's a good idea overall but i can't imagine sharing a space with anyone else. should be interesting, especially when it comes to certain secret aspects of life that we now have to keep private ;).... i walked out of work early, with no backward look- my last day at qwest. i think fondly of their general competence though and i leave a nice email to placate. last frenzied visit to forever 21 on 16th street mall, more ho clothes for work (argh me and my "style"), hapa sushi melts deliciously in my mouth as i sit on pearl st., taking deep gulps of the bloom-scented fresh mountain air. walk back up to university hill casting a fond eye everywhere and home to pack my stuff serenely.

leaving denver

and boulder
waited for UPS all day, frustrated indoors on the last mindblowing gorgeous day of boulder sun. finally i plop onto the porch and watch the flourescent green grass grow. i listen to hippie music and try to memorize the vibe. finally got my boxes sent off, called to set up utilities in new york, got my new phone. had a farewell fat tire beer at old chicago and a nostalgic last night of roseanne and cosby show on my tv before i gave it away to cliff down the hall. kissed the walls before i slept and said goodbye to my occasional home.
jetblue to super shuttle. the approach to the city is slow so i have time to let it sink in. the shuttle driver drops off everyone but me. we roam the streets of uptown making our way down. i huff and puff up to 'x''s castle and squeal at him and his italian pothead roomie. sigh....we drink beers til late, i marvel at the various wonders of the very big very fast city. sleep soundly at 'x''s weirdly platonic side.

'x' and i
so 'x' and i are living and working together, how's that for crazy. at least we have direct tv. we eat thai food first thing; spout thai at our waitress, drink thai beer. agree not to get too obsessed and talk only of frustration with not being there in thailand. watch the new harry potter in union square (cool). bar hop later in east village streets.

foraging and storaging
needing furniture for our new fat pad, 'x' and i cabbed it to the deep dark industrial corners of williamsburg (brooklyn) to get our stuff out of storage. a chilly day, cozy for going through old memories. everyone was ridiculously nice and helpful, which made me feel jumpy. we continued the day of twilight zone perfection at a store called 'surprise surprise' on 3rd ave, where i threw money at the nice thai people waiting smilingly at counter to catch it and escaped with nice shelves to spend the night building. 'x' and i relaxed later at a neighborly dive called 'library'.

shepherd fairy
brrrr rabbit today at our mexican brunch. we lounge over the paper and drink margaritas. the requisite political argument slips in ('x' defends bush), and we go home to sleep it off in front of lazy cable movies. i spend the rest of the day apprehensive about my new corporate job for which i must awake early in the morning.

NY finance
first day of work. nice hipster art deco building full of traders(?!). next to the plaza hotel ($), overlooking the central park zoo on one side and the playboy building (with a nice sunny balcony) on the other. i have no computer, phone, or software so i get to be 'x's shadow. he has lots of toys on his desk. we have to pretend we don't know each other so well so no one gets jealous. (he suggests we make t-shirts that say 'brother' and 'sister' for after work activites). at lunch we down sushi and gossip in the alley.

my house

i love ny in june
after work is unpacking in front of cable. decorating to the tune of ten HBOs. 'x' had told me horror stories about our house which he picked without my seeing... he said it was tiny and dark. it's actually nice and big and clean and at the best corner of the east village. yippee! it's cheap and we have our own rooms even. it's nice to have my own space and yet not be desperately alone.

me in a window display (sayeth 'x')
i sent ot money which might have been stupid. he is moving into a new place too and he can't have the same decorating fun with no money. so even though he will either treat his friends to a round or he will send it to his parents, at least i tried.

meetings at work where 'x' and i try to be formal with each other and end up spitting insults. good thing we love each other. i do a good job so he isn't embarassed of me. he is a grumpy man. we forget all about it as we leave work early. shop guiltily for house stuff. my travelling she-ra friend katie calls to tell me that after being across the world from each other for 2 years, we have now moved back at the same time to the same exact neighborhood block as each other. i shyly remember fun times we'd had before.

lunch at central park

no terrorists
i download tons-o-music onto my iPod but i decided i hate it. macintosh is not as usable as PC and i would know. i have been trying old americana and alt country, heh heh. never though i'd see that day. stuff that sounds like johnny cash but funnier.

'x' and his boss have personal conflicts, which stress me out as he's my only connection to my new job. we eat in the park to get away from it- we spend too much money on food (again). i finally get a computer and can start working, which actually i crave. at night i think we get drunk.

trading markets are closed today, supposedly in honor of the ridiculous reagan media blitz. but secretly supposedly someone at CNN leaked a tip that today would be an attack. now whoever spread that paranoid rumour in NY deserves to die, but i am really not complaining as i have the day off. it's chilly outside so i unpack all day. make my home homey. 'x' and i banter and chat. we go drinking in the evening to the "cock" (so creative the gay). after a divine episode at 'simone'...a new bar i love on 1st ave. and a trip to forbidden city for edamame and shumai, accompanied by beer of course... 'x' tries to get me to buy drinks for a cute lonely asian boy. we spend too much money and stuff stray donuts into our mouths on the drunk journey home.

i spy
beautiful day. i follow 'x' sleepily on the subway to 103rd street uptown. there was a nice diner for breakfast. i drank coffee and felt lovely. on the way back we had a convenient spat and let each other loose to do our own things. i skipped through the greenmarket buying veggies. twirled in union square. walked back to the east village, people watching (and damn there are some fine people!) sat on my fire escape in the sun reading the new david sedaris laff machine. peeking at people below me. watched foreign flicks in the background on cable as i fixed my site. looked for "activity partners" online, preferably thai. enjoyed the "free" wireless access. cleaned everything in sight.


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